Wind Down Management & Support Services

Delta group Wind Down Management and Support Services

Delta provides a broad range of complimentary services designed to provide total solutions for investment entities in transition from those simply winding down in the ordinary course (soft wind down) to more complex restructuring and distressed scenarios.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines international investment management expertise with extensive knowledge and experience of both the onshore and offshore winding down processes. This enables Delta to design and implement bespoke investment management solutions for our clients which are pragmatic and economically beneficial. The team includes asset managers, private equity, debt, fund of funds, ABL, secondary and other asset class specialists, investment bankers, MBAs, accountants, independent directors and experts in restructuring, workouts, and run offs.

The services provided are designed to meet each client’s specific situational needs and may include any one or a combination of the following:

Wind down management & advisory services

Delta’s wind down management platform allows the design and implementation of individualised and practical management or advisory solutions for our clients whether as replacement manager, sub manager, manager of liquidating trusts or advisor. The Delta team has significant experience of working with the incumbent manager or stepping in to orphan scenarios and providing such services to entities winding down in the ordinary course (soft wind downs) or in more contentious situations.

Delta’s clients have benefited from the advantages of such bespoke wind down solutions compared to the available alternative options. Advantages secured by our clients include:

  • Consolidation and scale economies
  • Management and operational cost savings
  • Greater alignment of management and investor interests
  • Flexibility of discretionary or non-discretionary mandates
  • Greater optionality and flexibility to meet varying investor preferences
  • Enhanced control, oversight and governance
  • Alternative monetization and liquidity solutions
  • Access to capital and strategic investors

Wind down support services

Delta provides a full range of wind down support services to ensure that the  process is implemented in a seamless and coordinated manner. Services include:

  • Asset valuation and advisory support
  • Regulatory, tax and compliance liaison
  • Book keeping, accounting, banking and treasury management
  • Investor relations and enquiry desk supported by dedicated personnel
  • Middle and back office support

Illiquid asset realisation

Delta’s team includes illiquid asset divestment experts who can provide management and advisory services together with secondary market brokerage and market making services to clients, whether they are a fund owning an illiquid asset or shareholders and LPs exposed to illiquid funds. We act across numerous illiquid asset classes including distressed debt, residual fund of funds, insurance products, and trade or bankruptcy claims (Lehman, Madoff, SAAD, TIBC, etc.)

Delta Residual Asset Trust

Delta’s Residual Asset Trust is our in-house trust vehicle specifically designed to provide clients with an effective solution the housing, ownership and ongoing management of residual, longer term or contingent assets.

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Dispute resolution

Funds in transition or winding down may also be involved in a variety of disputes. Our management team, which includes a qualified commercial mediator, has extensive experience in dispute resolution and litigation working with both onshore and offshore legal counsel in the capacity of independent directors or as part of a management mandate the governance structure. Such disputes vary broadly but more typical examples include: disputed asset valuations, NAV restatement, service provider disputes, indemnity claims, claw back issues, bankruptcy claim settlement, and redemption and subscription disputes.

Independent directorships

Provision of independent directors to funds in transition, restructuring, dispute or wind down. Such funds benefit from the experience, objectivity, independence and pragmatic approach of Delta’s team in navigating entities through transition or wind down.

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Voluntary liquidations

To support the final legal closure of funds Delta can act in either an executory or advisory capacity to effect the legal termination and dissolution of entities.