Wind Down Management & Support

Delta’s wind down management team specialises in assisting stakeholders with the orderly economic wind down of investment structures and asset portfolios whether winding down in the ordinary course (soft wind down) or in more distressed scenarios.

Recognizing the investment industry’s need for a broad range of complementary wind down services, Delta’s offering includes: replacement investment management and advisory services; liquidating trust management; directorship and fiduciary services; illiquid asset market making; residual asset trust solutions together with a range of wind down support functions including asset valuations, investor relations, mid &back office,compliance, accounting and treasury services.

Delta’s senior management team has overseen the restructuring and winding down of over 200 alternative investment entities, covering most asset classes and has returned capital to investors and managers in excess of $6 billion. Delta has been entrusted to provide such services to many of the industry’s highest profile and most complex situations.

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