In the Community

Delta Group Community Projects

Delta Group is an active  supporter of a number of important community projects within the Cayman Islands including:

Cayman’s ARK

Delta provides support to Cayman’s ARK (Acts of Random Kindness), a local Cayman Islands humanitarian foundation. Cayman’s ARK has been providing acts of kindness for 5 years. It is very much a grass roots organization with no-one involved with the work of Cayman’s ARK being financially compensated.

Cayman’s ARK sets out to make a difference “one life at a time”. Its objective was to search out people who had fallen between the cracks of society, people who had either been let down by spouses, poverty, redundancy, insurance, family, illness or just rotten luck and embrace them with great love and without judgment. This results in a very personal approach being taken, friendships fostered and continual relations maintained. This assures that all members, friends and contributors of Cayman’s ARK will know exactly where their contribution is going, who it is going to, how it has helped, and how they are doing a year later.